IT Ministry to train 15,000 Pakistanis in new technologies


Under the “Capacity Building IT Industry in Specialization Technologies and Platforms program,” the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has devised a strategy to provide 15,000 Pakistanis with new and sophisticated technologies.

To thrive in today’s world, you must provide your children with cutting-edge technology. Keeping this in mind, the Pakistani government is also making modern and urgent remarks to teach the youth about specialty and technology.

IT Ministry Vision

Males and females will be trained in new and complex technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital technologies, cyber security, cloud computing, e-health, BPO, agriculture, and other related and popular fields, according to IT ministry released documents.

All of these technologies have the potential to be very helpful in developing and improving the country in the approaching period.

According to the documents discovered, the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is holding discussions and meetings with business and academics, following which they will select which technologies will be successful soon and on which the youth should be trained beginning now.

The first 300 specialist professional trainers will be taught under this initiative, and they will then train additional trainers on these complicated technologies, after which the training will be delivered to all students.

A high-level steering committee has been formed to investigate all of these issues and determine where and how long the training courses should be held.

The Steering Committee will include representatives from the MoITT, Pakistan Software Export Board, Pakistan Software Houses Association, and other important stakeholders.

IT Ministry Planing 

According to a Ministry of Information Technology official, the first step will be to conduct a poll to determine which technologies are in high demand in the market.

Then, training on these technologies will be provided, and firms will be contracted to provide training that will be professional in this task, and those firms can also participate in online programs.

This program will cost a total of 2000 million rupees. The government has earmarked 1000 million rupees for the first stage, in which 2500 trainees will complete their training and then work as interns in various IT companies for three months, receiving a monthly stipend of 25 thousand rupees for each trainee.

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Asad Hassan
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