How To take advantage of iOS 17’s StandBy Mode


If you’re the type of person who leaves your phone by their bedside or docked on their desk, iOS 17’s StandBy mode is for you.

iOS 17’s StandBy mode

Setting your iPhone horizontally (or in landscape orientation) on a MagSafe, Qi-based wireless, or wired charger activates StandBy mode.

Turning what would normally be a blank lock screen into an interactive, glanceable window of widgets with the upcoming version of iOS, which will be released after Apple announces its new products this week.

The Official Version of iOS 17

The functionality is likely to be available on the most recent iPhone models when Apple releases the official version of iOS 17, but it may be accessed right now if you’re running the public beta software. This is how.

Use iOS 17’s StandBy Mode

1. Enabling StandBy mode

StandBy mode is enabled by default in iOS 17 – at least in the public beta version – but there’s always the possibility that Apple will disable the feature in the final release.

If this is the case, or if you want to disable the feature, go to Settings > Scroll down to StandBy > and toggle the activation toggle.

2. Using your iPhone to Charge

StandBy mode is available on any compatible iPhone that is charging and has been rotated to a horizontal orientation.

A MagSafe charging dock, a normal Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, or even a standard lightning cable can be used to charge the iPhone.

3. Changing the StandBy mode

Swiping sideways on an iPhone docked cycles between three StandBy mode panels:

4. Notifications and warnings

When the iPhone is docked, incoming messages and alerts will be displayed if Show Notifications is enabled in the StandBy settings.

To increase privacy, set Show Preview to Tap Only so that you must unlock the device using Touch ID or Face ID to access the notice in full.

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