How to activate iPhone silent mode for Individual contacts

How to activate iPhone's silent mode for Individual contacts


Smartphones have become an essential tool for staying in touch with loved ones, coworkers, and the rest of the globe. There will be times when you need a vacation from calls, especially those from certain people. Your iPhone has a number of features that let you ignore calls from specific people, whether you want to focus on work or relax in peace. This article delves into two reliable methods of doing so.

Focus mode on iPhone

The iPhone’s Focus function allows you to create a personalised setting by blocking incoming calls and alerts from selected individuals. The settings are as follows:

The iPhone’s Control Centre can be accessed by pressing and holding the Focus toggle for a few seconds, at which point the user can select the custom Focus mode. As long as Focus mode is on, your Apple iPhone will not disturb you with calls from the chosen contacts.

Keep in mind that turning off Focus is as simple as pressing a button when you’re ready to start taking calls again.

Silent ringer

Assigning a quiet ringtone to a contact is another option for blocking their calls. To do it follow these steps:

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