FAFEN Reports: Major irregularities in general elections


The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) issued a preliminary observation report, casting doubt on the transparency of recent Pakistani elections.

Free and Fair Election Network

The report highlighted significant irregularities and challenges in the electoral process. Transparency levels were deemed satisfactory at polling stations.

However, it raised concerns about potential irregularities in the offices of returning officers (ROs). According to the report, approximately 1.6 million ballot papers were rejected nationwide during the election.

FAFEN revealed that the number of rejected votes exceeded the margin of victory in 25 constituencies.

It has also been revealed that 130 observers were denied entry to ROs’ offices. Furthermore, copies of Form 45 were not provided to observers at 28% of polling stations nationwide.

FAFEN Chairperson Mussarat Qadeem praised the efforts made to hold the elections despite various challenges, including chaos and terrorism.

However, she emphasised the importance of transparency and equal opportunities for all political parties. According to the FAFEN report, Pakistan’s overall voter turnout was 48% on February 8.

The network also urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to address the concerns expressed by political parties and candidates about the election results.

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Muhammad Kamal
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