UNESCO raises $12 million to support education in Ukraine

Unesco raises $12 million to support education in ukraine

More than 66,800 students and educators across Ukraine stand to gain from the UNESCO grant’s funding, which will be used to develop remote learning technologies and increase psychosocial support in schools. The Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science will work with UNESCO and other national and local organizations to put these plans into action.

UNESCO has been responding to the needs of the Ukrainian people on the ground with emergency measures since day one of the conflict. Now that we have more money, we can take more drastic measures toward restoring the quality of our educational system.

The Ukrainian educational system will receive UNESCO’s assistance in four key areas:

Based on the priorities of the Ministry of Education and Science and expanding on the existing foundation of assistance for the Ukrainian educational community, these four areas of activity have been defined.

Continuation of past successes

Since the conflict broke out, UNESCO has been working in Ukraine to ensure everyone has access to a high-quality education regardless of their background. The organization oversaw the distribution of 50,528 Chromebooks provided by Google to underfunded schools throughout 25 regions of Ukraine between October 2022 and January 2023. Following up, with help from Google.org, It is providing digital pedagogy training to 50,000 educators.

With financing from Japan, UNESCO has been aiding the Ministry of Education and Science in transforming the MHPSS system in the Education sector since May 2022 as part of the National Program for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) directed by the First Lady of Ukraine. 160,000 at-risk children will benefit from UNESCO’s MHPSS program, which will train 15,000 school psychologists and increase the skills of 20,000 educators, parents, and caregivers.

Twenty-five members of UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition donated computers for classroom use, scholarships for students, open access to vetted online learning spaces, and the translation of educational materials for use in Ukraine.

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Huma Gull
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