Sporty Changan Oshan X5 Plus will be released next year

Sporty Changan Oshan X5 Plus will be released next year

Changan plans to launch the Oshan X5 plus midsize SUV in China next year, with a pre-sale price range of $14,000-$16,500. In the Chinese market, the Oshan X5 Plus competes with BMW’s X5.

With its sharp and aggressive front and dragon-eye-like headlights, the company positions this car as an upmarket car brand that specifically targets young people.



The 18-inch alloy wheels give the car a more sporty appearance, and the matte black finish is reminiscent of the wheels on Batman’s Bat mobile.

The new mesh grille and large geometric recesses in the bumper make the Oshan X5 Plus appear even more aggressive and sporty than before.

To complete the transformation, the taillights have been slimmed down, the bumper has been recessed, and a new spoiler with integrated brake light has been added.


Changan has ensured that the Oshan X5 Plus is beautiful on the inside and out.

Its interior is made up of soft materials and combines two colour schemes that the company refers to as “fashionable energetic” and “blackened sports.”

The massive 30-inch triple-screen also includes an instrument panel, a central control screen, and a 4.2-inch driving aid screen that aids navigation by displaying blind spots on the left A-pillar, road signs, and real-time traffic information.

The screen is slightly tilted in the driver’s direction of view for their convenience. The dashboard’s top is a sleek carbon grey with a steel silver design feature that stretches from one side to the other.


The Oshan X5 Plus is powered by a Blue Core 1.5T engine from the current Changan vehicle generation, which is capable of producing up to 188 horsepower (136 kW) and 300 Newton-meters of torque. The Plus model has a seven-speed automatic transmission. According to Oshan, the X5 Plus accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.51 seconds.

Cost and Availability

According to reports, Changan will launch this SUV for a pre-sale price of $14,000-$16,500. It is expected to arrive in Chinese dealerships later this year.

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