New iPhone 14 and Apple ultra-watch revealed in the market with modern features

New iPhone 14 and Apple ultra-watch revealed in the market with modern features

The most enthralling features of the iPhone 14 comprise of more durable battery and upgraded photographic capacities to capture “ultra-wide” views in low light settings.

Despite the inflation and supply chain adversities all around the world, Apple has introduced a new smartphone at a similar price to recent models along with the premium digital watch with a price tag to match.

Apple’s tech giant unveils an innovative digital identification system to stave off the need for a physical sim card. The iPhone 14 costs $799 for the base model – the same price as the latest version whereas the superior iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost $1,100. These updated smart devices include new earbuds to engage the customers loyal to its profitable technology ecosystem.

The phone includes an “emergency SOS” function that enables customers to send a message without Wi-Fi coverage as an emergency service. The 6.7-inch screen of the iPhone 14 plus advances a better experience when playing games or enjoying videos.

The enhanced features of the innovative Apple watch series 8 can monitor body temperature and other body functions. It costs you $400 which is worth buying. The $800 priced Apple watch ultra includes a battery with a sufficient lifespan especially launched for athletes to complete a long-course triathlon.

The new version of these gadgets has incremental improvements rather than revolutionary innovations.

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