IT Ministry drafts an ordinance for Telecom Tribunal dispute


The IT Ministry has produced a draft ordinance for the establishment of the Telecom Tribunal to expedite the resolution of disputes and issues relating to the country’s telecom sector.

IT Ministry Sources

According to the IT Ministry sources, the draft law has been returned to the Ministry of Law after being approved by the Ministry of Law.

Moreover, the legislation will be submitted to the federal government for approval. The ordinance will be transmitted to the President after receiving in-principle approval from the federal cabinet.

According to sources, the ordinance cannot be enacted because the Senate is in session.

However, the ordinance will be approved only after the Senate session has been postponed indefinitely.

The telecom tribunal, according to sources, will have three members.

The Tribunal’s chairperson must be a High Court Judge or someone with equal legal experience.

One member must be a technical specialist, while the other must be a financial expert.

Current Issues To Present Draft in Senate

According to the IT Ministry sources, if the ordinance is introduced during the Senate’s current session, it will be required to be presented in the Senate.

Furthermore, if the Telecom Tribunal Bill is introduced in the Senate, it will be delayed since the bill requires National Assembly approval, and the election of a new National Assembly might take three months.

The ordinance will be sent for approval when the Senate session concludes.

Approval From President

Additionally, the Ordinance will take effect following approval by the Federal Cabinet and the President.

According to IT Ministry officials, the establishment of the Telecom Tribunal will aid in the quick resolution of telecom-related disputes and cases.

Furthermore, the Telecom Appellate Tribunal would help speed up case adjudication and lessen the burden on courts.

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Asad Hassan
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