Improved Your Teamwork In PUBG

There is another fix that has as of late gone live on the PUBG test servers that adds a truly necessary component to the game.

PUBG highlights immense open maps where squads don’t generally pursue similar courses. Groups of irregular players particularly, will in general split up inadvertently with an absence of coordination. This will never again cause dissatisfaction as the new update adds waypoints to demonstrate precisely where the groups expect to go.

Players will presently have the option to put waypoints that will be noticeable to all partners, making it simpler to show where the squad is going. That one absentminded companion will never amazing his own subsequent to going off track.

The new update likewise carries changes to Vikendi, the guide prevalent among expert marksmen for its long sightlines. The fix on the test servers changes the territory and design of the whole guide to make killing surprisingly better.

PUBG Labs have likewise been included, which are basically test anterooms where PUBG Corp will try different things with various standards and game modes to figure out what works best.

Fix 5.2 is accessible right now on PUBG test servers and will go live on PC and consoles on November 20 and 26 individually.

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