How to Troubleshoot “Conversation Not Found” flaw in ChatGPT


If you get a “Conversation not found” message when trying to continue a chat on ChatGPT, your internet connection may be down.

“Conversation not found” message on ChatGPT

Other factors, such as login session issues, can also cause the site to display the above error. Fortunately, you’re only a few steps away from resolving the site problem. That’s what we’ll show you.

Examine Your Internet Connection

When ChatGPT reports “Conversation not found,” make sure your internet connection is operational.

A broken connection can disrupt your web browser’s connection to ChatGPT, causing the site to display the following error message.

Open a new tab in your web browser and visit a website to see if your internet connection is down.

If your website does not load, your internet connection is broken. In this scenario, restart your router to see if it fixes the problem.

Other solutions include reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network and resolving network adaptor issues. If none of these solutions address your internet problem, contact your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance.

Reload Your ChatGPT Website

After confirming that your internet connection is operational, the following step is to reload your ChatGPT web page.

If your online page or web browser has a minor problem, refreshing the page will resolve it, allowing you to remove the error message. You can refresh ChatGPT in your web browser by clicking the refresh symbol next to the address bar.

Your current ChatGPT web page will reload, and you should be able to view your AI chatbot dialogues.

Logout and re-enter your ChatGPT account

If refreshing the site does not resolve your issue, your login session with the site may be malfunctioning.

Such problems are uncommon, although they do arise from time to time. Sign out and back into your account on the site to repair it.

Keep in mind that you’ll need your ChatGPT login and password to sign back in, so keep them ready.

While your ChatGPT site is open, click your profile symbol in the bottom-left corner. In the menu that appears, select “Log Out.”

Disable Web Browser Extensions

Your online browser extensions allow you to get more out of your browsers, but they can also bring problems.

Your browser’s extension may be broken, preventing ChatGPT from loading your conversations.

In this instance, disable all extensions in your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge web browser before reloading the ChatGPT website.

If your site loads normally, the problem is with your extensions. Re-enabling one extension at a time until the issue occurs, then removing that extension from your browser, will help you find the perpetrator.

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