Health card to be provided to 1.8 mn families in Balochistan

Health card to be provided to 1. 8 mn families in balochistan

On Tuesday, the government of Balochistan announced that they will begin issuing Balochistan Health Cards, which would give health coverage of up to Rs1 million to about 1.875 million families in the province.

An official of the Balochistan administration told APP that the health card scheme would be spread across the province in the next phase to guarantee the greatest health care services to the populace.

He also revealed that the province’s government had intended to build 33 new Basic Health Units (BHUs) throughout all of its districts. In addition, 33 of the current BHUs in the province would be transformed into fully-fledged Rural Health Centres (RHCs).

Sohbatpur, Sherani, Barkhan, Duki, and Dera Allahyar are just five of the districts where the Balochistan government plans to build new District Headquarter (DHQ) hospitals.

Government is planning to expand health facilities along with health cards

The government has announced a number of health-related expansion and improvement initiatives, such as the construction of dormitories at the Bolan Medical Complex in Quetta and the renovation of the Children’s Hospital in Quetta.

He announced that in the upcoming fiscal year, the Balochistan Awami Endowment Fund will spend two billion rupees to provide the greatest healthcare services and health cards to the needy who were suffering from chronic diseases.

For the fiscal year 2021-22, a budget of Rs100 million has been set aside to fund the development of residential complexes for doctors in seven districts across the province.

In the health sector, over 750 new positions would be created in the fiscal year 2021-22 to guarantee the provision of high-quality care across the province.

However, the overall cost of the projects was Rs12.104 billion, and the government has already spent roughly Rs1.761 billion on the creation of Medical Colleges in Turbat, Loralai, and Khuzdar.

To date, Rs787 million have been issued, while Rs717.640 million have been designated for the fiscal year 2021-22, all part of the Balochistan government’s plan to build Emergency Response centres alongside the province’s motorways at an estimated cost of Rs3.921 billion.

In the budget for FY 2021-22, the health sector development expenses totaled Rs 44.694 billion, while the non-development expenses totaled Rs 11.884 billion.

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Huma Gull
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