Fly Jinnah is acquiring more planes as it will take-off for Intl. flights

Fly Jinnah is acquiring more planes as it will take-off for Intl. flights

Fly Jinnah has taken over the national aviation sector. Because of its low fares and high-quality service, the new airline has quickly gained popularity among passengers.

The airline began domestic operations with three new Airbus A320 aircraft outfitted with cutting-edge technology and safety features. The airline is now considering expanding its international operations.

According to reports, Fly Jinnah has begun the process of purchasing two additional A320 aircraft. It plans to begin international operations in October/November of next year, one year after it begins domestic operations.

On October 31, the inaugural flight of Fly Jinnah took to the skies. It took off from Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and landed at the New Islamabad International Airport. The flight was also greeted with a water cannon salute at Islamabad International Airport.

Other domestic airlines have begun taking various measures to ensure that their customers do not abandon them in search of better alternatives less than a week after Fly Jinnah’s inaugural flight.

Serene Air was the first to reduce domestic fares. The airline has reduced fares on its routes from Karachi to Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta.

A one-way ticket from Karachi to Islamabad on Serene Air costs Rs. 18,900. Serene Air’s fares have been reduced, but it is still more expensive than Fly Jinnah, which charges Rs. 13,999 for the same route.

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