FBR introduces a Digital Clearance System for customs at the Sost dry port

Fbr introduces a digital clearance system for customs at the sost dry port.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has given its full support to the enforcement action taken by the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigations – Customs at Sost Dry Port for inspecting allegedly illicit shipments and initiating disciplinary actions against offenders in the customs service.

TechX Pakistan was informed by sources that the FBR has implemented the WeBOC customs digital clearance system at Sost Dry Port to facilitate trade and improve transparency when clearing Chinese shipments crossing the Pakistan-China border.

The Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, according to the sources, is a significant division of the FBR that maintains controls against duty and tax evasion throughout Pakistan.

This Directorate has recently been successful in locating instances of misdeclaration and tax evasion at Sost Dry port through coordination with Pakistan Customs personnel.

This collaboration has not only increased state revenue but also made it possible to identify uncooperative Customs employees against whom disciplinary actions are being taken.

It is terrible that some of these authorities are attempting to divert attention by feeding stakeholders false information.

The FBR has already implemented the WeBOC digital clearing system for customs at Sust to facilitate business operations and increase transparency in assuring adherence to relevant legislation.

According to the sources, the FBR and all of its divisions, including the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigations-Customs, will keep facilitating legal trade with China through its land border while discouraging both internal and external actors who are engaged in fiscal crime or who are in violation of any mandatory regulations.

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Asad Hassan
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