Data of 2M Pakistanis been hacked from index of restaurants


Hackers have compromised the personal information of 2.2 million Pakistani residents and are selling it online.

Hackers of 2.2 Million Pakistani

These hackers claim to have gained access to more than 250 restaurants’ systems, disclosing people’s phone numbers and credit card information.

Many restaurants in Pakistan utilise the compromised software. The stolen data includes transaction details such as how many times someone paid and the amounts involved.

The hackers are asking for two Bitcoins, or about $54,000, in exchange for this information. So yet, no reports of this breach have been received by Pakistani authorities.

According to market reports, one Bitcoin is worth $27,000, thus the data of citizens is being auctioned for two Bitcoins, totaling $54,000.

Two Bitcoins are worth more than Rs15 million in Pakistani rupees

According to the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FBR) cybercrime circle, no complaints have been received in this area thus far.

It should be noted that the federal government on Tuesday advised all information technology (IT) and financial institutions, including regulators, to “refrain from collaboration, installation, and use of Indian origin”

Artificial intelligence (AI)/information and communication technology (ICT) products, citing the possibility of a “constant, concealed, and force multiplier threat” to Pakistan’s critical information infrastructure (CII).

The government had alerted the authorities involved of the threat via a “cyber security advisory” shared with federal and provincial ministries, as well as sectoral regulators.

Cyber Security Advisory

It was observed that AI products and services are being employed by numerous businesses around the world, including the financial and banking sectors, to boost enterprise growth.

“It has been learned that [the] Pakistani fintech sector, including a few banks, is engaged with Indian-origin companies that are offering them IT products, Cyber Security, and AI solutions, among other things,” the letter stated.

The “use of Indian security products/solutions” was a “constant, concealed, and force multiplier threat” to Pakistan’s CII, especially the banking industry, it warned, for two reasons.

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Muhammad Kamal
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