By 2030, Russia intends to produce 1,000 aircraft

By 2030, Russia intends to produce 1,000 aircraft

According to state-owned technology corporation Rostec, Russia has stated its intention to create 1,000 passenger aircraft using domestically manufactured components by 2030. In contrast to the scenario before to the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, when planes acquired from Boeing and Airbus carried 95% of Russian passenger traffic, the aviation sector is now pursuing a strategy of self-sufficiency, according to Reuters.

Rostec has declared its intention to swap out imported components with domestic ones. We won’t be dependent on international collaboration with Western nations starting this year, Rostec told Reuters. “The fleet’s foreign planes will depart. The delivery of Boeing and Airbus aircraft to Russia, in our opinion, will never occur due to this procedure being irreversible.

Rostec’s upbeat outlook contrasts with recent remarks made by Oleg Vyugin, a former senior official in the Finance Ministry and Central Bank, who said in an interview with Reuters last week that sanctions might cause Russia to experience years of technological stagnation.

“We don’t expect sanctions to be eased and we are building our plans based on the existing tough scenario.”

The country’s air forces will shortly get a fresh batch of fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft, Rostec stated on September 25. According to RIA Novosti, the corporation has disclosed that it is attempting to enhance the manufacturing of these fighters.

The number of aircraft that will be handed to the Air Force was not stated in the report. Any new aircraft will greatly boost the service’s air power as it only has a tiny number of fifth-generation aircraft in its fleet.

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