A tribute to Arfa Karim on her birth anniversary


Arfa Karim was born on February 2, 1995, in Pakistan. h er area of study was computer science. She attained Microsoft Certified Professional status when she was nine years old.

Arfa Karim, Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

By becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, she created the history. She has won a lot of accolades. At the age of nine, Arfa Karim, a computer prodigy from Pakistan, was named the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). At the age of ten, she was named the youngest recipient of Pakistan’s President’s award for Pride of Performance.

Arfa Karim passed the Microsoft exam in 2004. Bill Gates made the decision to meet Arfa after being shocked. She passed the challenging Microsoft test, setting a Guinness World Record. Bill Gates was awed by her.

Her father was a military service member. Her mother works as a housewife. She wrote her first poem when she was five years old. She had extensive knowledge of computers.

Her father brought a personal computer for her after noticing her interest in technology. She also completed IT training or computer-related courses.

Her father was advised to sign her up for the Microsoft Certification Test by that institution. She put forth a lot of effort to get ready for the test, and when she passed it, everyone was amazed. In 2006, she was the first person from Pakistan to attend the Barcelona Developer Conference.

In the interview, she was questioned by several persons. The Pakistani Prime Minister also gave her an award. Due to Arfa’s accomplishments and abilities, she received recognition on a global scale and received speaking invitations to numerous conferences and occasions.

She has made appearances in publications and on a number of TV programs. She was regarded as one of Pakistan’s brightest young talents, and many young pupils found inspiration in her life story.

Sadly, Arfa suffered a heart attack on January 14, 2012, and died at the age of 16. Her passing was a significant loss to Pakistan and the technological community.

The Arfa Karim Technology Park in Lahore, which is a cutting-edge center for the advancement of IT education and research in Pakistan, was constructed by the Pakistani government in her honor.

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Asad Hassan
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